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Pottery Company Faces Racial Discrimination Lawsuit


Workers in Florida may land in the employ of a company at which all employees are not treated equally. Discrimination comes in many forms, one of which is ethnic or racial discrimination. While some employers obviously avoid appointing people of certain races, others are much more subtle in their discrimination. However, such treatment should not be endured as it is strictly prohibited by several state and federal laws.

A former employee of a pottery business in another state recently filed a lawsuit against the business alleging wrongful termination and retaliation that followed racial discrimination. Court documents show that the plaintiff is a black man who had been employed by the company since 2002. The man claims he was offered a lower position by his superior. When he refused this position, he was allegedly accused of subordination and his employment was terminated.

Further allegations include the company's failure to treat black personnel in the same manner as their white colleagues. The plaintiff also contends that workers of his race are typically denied promotions and have to work for lower remuneration packages than white workers. The plaintiff requested a jury trial and seeks damages totaling $250,000 to cover lost income and benefits, along with back pay, legal fees, interest and any additional relief the court may award.

Florida workers who believe they are the victims of racial discrimination have the right to take action against their employers. However, proving such discrimination can be a difficult task and might be best navigated by an experienced employment law attorney. A skilled lawyer will be able to evaluate the subtleties of employers' discriminatory actions and will be able to identify aspects such as promoting workers of a different race with fewer skills or experience than the client.

Source:, "Employee accuses pottery business of discrimination", Wadi Reformado, July 21, 2016

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