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Moving Company Accused Of Wage And Hour Law Violations


It is not uncommon for employers nationwide, including those in Florida, to take advantage of their employees. Many workers endure wage and hour law violations because they fear dismissals or other types of workplace retaliation. However, in some cases, some victims have the courage to take legal actions that could ultimately lead to class action lawsuits that can address the financial and other damages they have suffered.

Four former employees and one current worker of a moving and storage company recently gathered the courage to take on the company in a lawsuit alleging unpaid overtime and refusal to pay part of their standard wages. The workers claim that their employer refused to pay wages for the time spent on preparations for the day's work. This included fueling and washing the trucks, along with driving to the destinations.

Further allegations say that, despite their work weeks typically exceeding 40 hours -- not even counting the off-the-clock hours of preparation work -- remuneration never included any overtime. Hours exceeding 40 per week should be calculated at one-and-a-half times the normal rate. However, all hours were paid at the normal rate. The plaintiffs accuse the company of violations of the federal Fair Labor Standards Act, as well as the labor laws of their state.

It was said that approximately 100 former and current employees of this company might join this class action lawsuit. Florida employees of companies that commit wage and hour law violations may take similar actions. Taking on a business via a lawsuit requires courage, but with the guidance and support of an experienced labor law attorney, the ultimate reward may bring restitution of all lost wages -- standard and overtime.

Source:, "Workers accuse Stratford moving company of wage theft", Keila Torres Ocasio, Aug. 2, 2016

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