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Unpaid Overtime Claims By Nurses May Lead To Class Action Lawsuit


It is not uncommon for healthcare workers in Florida and other states to have administrative duties at the end of their shifts. In many cases, these workers tend to patients throughout their shifts, leaving no time to record the necessary notes prior to going off duty. Sadly, the extra time spent on those duties are seldom recognized by employers. This oversight often leads to unpaid overtime claims.

A former employee of an elder care facility in another state recently filed a lawsuit against her employers, alleging their failure to remunerate her for extra hours worked. The nurse claims to have regularly worked without taking breaks and working beyond the end of her shift. She says the additional hours were required for completing essential administrative tasks because there was no time to complete them during her shift.

Court documents indicate that the plaintiff has 34 years of experience as a registered nurse, and she was in charge of other staff members in caring for about 42 patients and residents. She alleges that her employers pressured her not to record the extra hours she worked. It was further reported that approximately 50 former employees of this facility claim to have been short paid while they worked there. This includes workers who had been employed by the company over the past five years. A request to file a class action lawsuit was handed to a superior court judge.

Healthcare workers in Florida will know that the needs of patients cannot be switched off at the end of a work shift. Nursing is a job that often requires extra time that workers do not hesitate to give, and for which employers should not hesitate to pay. Victims of unpaid overtime may seek recovery of financial losses and other damages by filing civil lawsuits against their employers. It is not uncommon for employers who treat one worker unfairly to do the same with others. Class action cases may be best navigated by an experienced employment law attorney.

Source:, "Nurse sues St. Patrick's Manor in Framingham", Jim Haddadin, Sept. 8, 2016

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