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Deputy Fire Chief's Wrongful Termination Claim Will Go to Trial


Florida workers whose rights as employees are being violated may find that the alleged violators will do everything in their power to prevent a legal claim from going to court. A former deputy fire chief filed a complaint against the city that employed him, alleging wrongful termination. The city then reportedly tried to have the case thrown out of court, but its attempts were dismissed by a judge.

The case arose from an incident in 2014 when the deputy fire chief allegedly issued orders that were contrary to the wishes of the mayor. The orders involved a notice to the owners of two apartment buildings that failed to meet the requirements of the fire code. The mayor allegedly wanted him to overlook the code violations. When he went ahead and issued the orders, the chief was reportedly placed on leave.

The fire chief claims his employment was terminated upon his return from mandatory leave. In an effort to prevent the plaintiff's allegations from going to trial, the city filed a motion for summary judgment. However, after the motion was dismissed by the judge, the case will be heard by a jury at a date not yet determined.

When the rights of Florida workers are violated, they don't have to endure intimidation by employers who may be in powerful positions. Wrongful termination is an actionable violation of employment law, and it is the right of any employee to report such actions. With the guidance and support of an experienced employment law attorney, victims may challenge the actions of employers and may be entitled to compensation for damages sustained.

Source:, "Former deputy fire chief's lawsuit against Nampa moves to trial", Shannon Camp, July 28, 2016

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