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Wrongful Termination Follows Dismissal Of New Mother


Female employees in Florida are sometimes hesitant to start families for fear of reprisal by their employers. Wrongful termination lawsuits following the dismissal of pregnant employees are not at all uncommon. Such a lawsuit was recently filed in another state by a woman alleging her employment was terminated while she was on maternity leave.

According to court documents, the plaintiff's employment with a coffee business commenced when she was appointed as a barista in 2003. She contends that later promotions saw her in a position in which she was managing multiple outlets, making her eligible for maternity leave. She claims to have been entitled to 12 workweeks of leave during the first year after the child's birth.

The complaint states that her baby was born in March 2015, and her employers allegedly fired her on April 1. This, she claims, took place during the time that she was entitled to maternity leave. The plaintiff seeks reinstatement and earned promotions along with the recovery of damages sustained. She requested a jury trial and a monetary judgment to cover lost wages and benefits along with legal costs and the fees she paid for an expert witness.

Employee rights in Florida include the right for women to have children without the threat of termination. Any victims of such violations are entitled to pursue compensation. Some choose to utilize the services of an experienced employment law attorney to navigate the lawsuits on their behalves. A lawyer who is skilled in navigating wrongful termination lawsuits can endeavor to achieve the best possible outcome under the particular circumstances.

Source:, "Employee accuses coffeehouse owners of unlawful termination", Michael Abella, Aug. 10, 2016

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