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Harassment points to workplace inequality in Florida


For decades, women in Florida and across the country have been fighting for more equality in the workplace. Some parties may believe that equality has been achieved, but others understand that many strides must still be made before workplace equality can be claimed. Unfortunately, women still face a significant amount of harassment while on the job that hinders the idea there is equality.

There continues to be numerous incidents of harassment in the workplace that is being suffered by women. This harassment can come in the form of verbal abuse, unwanted physical contact and other directly negative actions. Unfortunately, many of the women in these cases are inexperienced and work at low-paying jobs, and as a result, appear to be easy targets for harassers who believe that the victims may not know how to handle the situation.

It is true that some women may not know how to deal with such circumstances or are so in need of their jobs that they do not report it for fear of termination. Other victims may feel that their only option is to leave their current position in hopes of finding a more comfortable work environment elsewhere. It is important for parties to understand that there are other options available.

Though taking legal steps may seem drastic to some, there are cases where it may be the best avenue to follow. Workers who are routinely subjected to harassment, or who have made claims that were not properly investigated, may find information on legal options helpful. By filing a claim, harassment victims in Florida may be able to fight for the right to have a comfortable work environment as well as compensation for any damages suffered.

Source: Tampa Bay Times, "For women, a sad lack of progress in workplace harassment", Robert Trigaux, July 3, 2014

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