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Florida employee rights aid against discrimination


Many Florida residents know that once they have been hired to a position there are certain rights that they have the ability to take advantage of. However, it is also important for individuals to understand that employee rights can be applied before an individual is hired as well. Parties have the right to not be discriminated against when going through the application and interview process, and if a person feels they have been discriminated against, they may wish to look into their options for correcting the situation.

There are several aspects that parties cannot be discriminated against for, including race, gender, age and religion. Therefore, hiring parties may take certain precautions to ensure that individuals do not feel as if any of these factors played a role in their not being hired for a position. Some of the precautions could include avoiding any questions pertaining to areas that could potentially lead to discrimination, and some potential employers could even opt to interview individuals over the phone instead of in person.

Just as some employers may go to lengths to avoid seeming discriminatory, others may try to ask questions in a roundabout way in order to ensure that their preferred candidate is hired. For example, a question could possibly be asked about retirement in an attempt to determine a person’s age. However, it is important for candidates to understand that employers may ask specific questions due to the duties and hours required for the position.

Understanding employee rights can help individuals determine whether they have been treated unfairly when looking for a job or while on the job. If they assess their situation and feel that the questions they were asked or the treatment they received was discriminatory, they may wish to consider their options. Taking legal action against discrimination is one route that a party may feel suits their situation, and learning more about how to go about doing so in Florida could be helpful.

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