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Constructive discharge: Leaving a job due to sexual harassment


Being unemployed is a state that many people do not want to be in. Unemployment can create many difficulties due to lack of income and benefits that may have been associated with a previous job. Some people may be insured against unemployment and have the ability to collect certain benefits, but there are stipulations that can determine whether someone qualifies for those benefits. Though quitting a job may be considered a disqualifying condition for receiving unemployment assistance, there are some causes, such as facing sexual harassment, that could be considered reason to leave and obtain financial help.

Receiving unemployment benefits is a helpful resource for those who have found themselves without a job. The assistance that people receive varies from state to state, and weekly financial help can range from $200 in states like Florida to $600 in other states. Being granted this help can lift a great burden from someone who has lost their job, but there are criteria that must be met before someone could gain assistance.

In a number of cases, quitting a job may cause a person not to qualify for assistance, but if a person's employer has stopped giving them work or significantly reduced their work hours, they may be able to leave the job and still qualify for benefits. Other reasons a person could leave a job include facing sexual harassment or dangerous working conditions. Being subjected to unsafe environments could be cause for a person to leave their job and still have a successful application for unemployment benefits.

No one should have to face a harsh work environment where they are subjected to sexual harassment or other negative behaviors. Many people face such situations every day because they feel that they need their job and are unable to leave. Understanding Florida employment laws could help someone who is looking for a way out of such a situation but are uncertain that leaving would be the best option.

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