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Unpaid wages could violate employee rights in Florida


Labor laws are set in place to better ensure that workers across the country, including those in Florida, are treated fairly in the workplace. This treatment includes recognition of employee rights, such as receiving proper pay for their work. When employees work overtime, they are often entitled to extra pay in relation to the additional hours. If an employer violations labor law by not compensating workers for their hours spent on the job, employees may feel the need to take legal action in order to get the pay they may be entitled.

A former account analyst is taking such legal action against a former employer. He claims that he was not properly compensated for overtime hours he worked while he held the position. According to reports, he was employed at the company for five years. There were no details as to why he no longer held the position with the company.

The former employee believes that federal labor standards were violated as a result of the lack of pay, and he is looking to gain reparations. Reports indicate that he would like to receive compensation for his unpaid wages, interest on those wages, court costs and other damages. It was not reported whether his former employers had commented on the situation.

This situation is a prime example of a violation of employee rights and labor standards that has reportedly happened in many industries. If these circumstances are not addressed, many employees could lose out on rightfully earned wages. Workers should not feel that they are not being properly compensated for their hours worked, and Florida residents who feel that they are not being treated fairly in the workplace may find information on state employment laws beneficial.

Source: The Southeast Texas Record, Former account analyst sues for overtime wages, Michelle Keahey, Sept. 23, 2013

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