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Florida women fight gender discrimination in the workplace


Discrimination in any area of life for any reason can leave those being discriminated against feeling disheartened. When job applicants or workers face employment discrimination, they can feel cheated out of a job opportunity that they may have been otherwise qualified for. When discrimination occurs, action occasionally has to be taken in order to correct or find compensation for such a violation.

Two Florida women are currently pursuing cases against their respective employers due to being discriminated against and harassed in the workplace. One of the women -- a restaurant employee -- claims that because she does not fit typical gender stereotypes, she is often discriminated against in her workplace and has been the subject of disparaging remarks from her employer. This woman does not fit the typical idea of the female gender as she is 6-feet-tall and has a more masculine sounding voice. She also claims she was not given pay for overtime hours worked and that she was fired from her position for confronting her employers about the pay and because they were not comfortable with her appearance. 

Another woman who holds a custodial position in a school claims that her employer has delegated tasks to her which are typically reserved for male custodial workers, such lifting heavy objects. She asserts that her employer gives her these jobs to carry out because she has a more masculine appearance due to her short hair style and no make-up. She also reports that she has received back injuries from completing her duties but does not want to leave her position and lose her seniority. She is filing a claim for gender discrimination in hopes of receiving fair treatment.

As these two women show, discrimination can occur for any reason, including appearance. They were not being treated respectfully as employees and knew that taking legal action was the only way to bring about a change. Anyone who feels that they may be facing discrimination in the workplace may find information on Florida employment laws beneficial to determine whether they could be entitled to compensation for unfair treatment.

Source:, "Women allege workplace abuse, discrimination in suits," Andrea Rumbaugh, July 6, 2013

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