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Sexual harassment still a prevalent issue in Florida


Working can sometimes be stressful for some employees for a number of different reasons. When the work environment is made hostile by co-workers or superiors, employees can dread going to work and possibly fear for their safety. Sexual harassment is a threat that too many workers in many different industries come to face. Some suffer through silently due to need of the job, and others are sometimes faced with more unfair treatment or termination for speaking up.

It may come as a surprise to some Florida residents that sexual harassment in the workplace is still a very relevant issue. For others, they are all too aware of the issue as they may have been victims themselves. The problem of harassment typically comes to light when a high-profile figure is accused of such actions, but it is important to understand that such situations occur in alarmingly high numbers all across the country.

Though reports on where harassment and abuse occur are not specifically kept, it has been found that such harassment takes place more generally in low-wage jobs that are male-dominated. There have been numerous reports of harassment occurring in fast food franchises and in other areas where the employees may not even speak English, making it easier for them to be intimidated by superiors and threats of termination. Reports also indicate that thousands of harassment reports are made annually, and those numbers do not include those who face the abuse but do not report it.

Though no one should have to deal with sexual harassment, especially in the workplace, many victims may feel trapped because that cannot afford to lose their jobs. It is important, however, for victims to find help and try to end the situation for themselves and future employees. Workers who feel that they have been mistreated at their place of employment may find information on Florida employment laws helpful in determining the best way to move forward and help eradicate the issue.

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