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Employment contract breach in Florida sparks lawsuit


When a potential employer creates a contract for a project, that contract typically signals that the person employed by that agreement can begin to make preparations for the project, depending on specific terms. These preparations could include purchasing materials, hiring workers or other costly endeavors. Should one party choose to no longer go through with the project, it could cause a significant issue for the other parties involved. If additional agreements cannot be made, there may be cause to file a claim for a breach of employment contract.

A project in Florida was set to take measures to renovate a high school building built in the 1920s in order to turn it into an event center. However, the leaders of the project have changed their minds about wanting to go through with the renovations, which have been in discussion for approximately 20 years. This decision comes less than a month before the company in charge of development was supposed to begin work on the project.

The developer is currently seeking a lawsuit against the commission in charge of the decision due to a breach of contract. Officials are stating that the project was dependent on whether the company was able to raise the needed funds for the project, which the developers say they did. They also claim, however, that the money for the project was withdrawn when rezoning plans were denied by the city, apparently without any legal cause. The developing company is seeking compensation for millions of dollars due to time and services put toward the project.

An employment contract is a very important document for both the person seeking services and the service provider. Without such legal agreements, either party could find themselves dealing with unfair practices that they cannot fully combat due to lack of binding agreements. As this case shows, however, contract agreements can still be breached, but there may be a better chance for rectifying the breach if the developers are able to present their contract agreement as evidence. Further information on Florida employment laws and contracts may prove beneficial as their case proceeds.

Source: Sun Sentinel, Lawsuits delays Old Boynton High School renovation project, Attiyya Anthony, Aug. 23, 2013

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