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More than half of LGBTQ workers have faced or seen discrimination at work


As part of the year-long observance of the fiftieth anniversary of the Stonewall riots, Glassdoor conducted a 2019 LGBTQ Workplace Survey. The website asked more than 6,000 employees about the on-the-job treatment of LGBTQ workers.

The results make it clear that workplace discrimination on the basis of sexual preference continues in far too many places of employment. More than half of LGBTQ employees said they have “experienced or witnessed anti-LGBTQ comments by co-workers.”

About 30 percent of non-LGBTQ co-workers said they have witnessed the incidents.

In addition, 43 percent of LGBTQ employees indicated that they aren’t fully out at work, and nearly half (47 percent) of LGBTQ respondents said that they believe that being fully out at work could hurt their careers. They indicated that they would risk losing their job or being passed over for promotions and important projects.

“Twenty-six states do not protect LGBTQ employees at work, and many of these employees believe coming out could hurt their career, ” said Glassdoor’s LGBTQ and Ally Employee Group Leader. “Many employers have an opportunity to build or strengthen the foundation for an inclusive culture that encourages employees to bring their full selves to work.”

About 70 percent of LGBTQ employees surveyed said they wouldn’t apply for a job with a company that didn’t fully support LGBTQ employees. That percentage is significantly higher the response from all workers (LGBTQ and non-LGBTQ): 46 percent.

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