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Five Ways To Document Age Discrimination In The Workplace


Many workers over 40 feel they are the victims of age discrimination in the workplace. They may feel targeted for termination.

Employment discrimination based on a person's age is illegal under Florida and federal law if the worker is over age 40. However, proving age discrimination isn't always easy. Here are five ways to document age discrimination:

  • Comments about your age: Does your supervisor make comments about your age, such as "When are you going to retire?" and "We could use some fresh blood around here." Note the times and dates of these comments and the names of any witnesses. Repeated comments could be evidence of harassment.
  • Negative performance reviews: If you received positive performance reviews throughout your career but suddenly begin receiving negative reviews after a certain age, it could be evidence of age discrimination.
  • Exclusion: Are you left out of company events such as seminars, training opportunities and lunches? Keep track of times and dates.
  • Favoritism toward younger workers: Are younger workers given favorable work assignments, offices and other perks? Document examples.
  • Hiring and promotions: Do new hires look like they just graduated from college? Do promotions go to younger workers? This could be evidence of a pattern of age discrimination.

Few employers admit that they discriminate against older workers. To prove age discrimination, you will need evidence. An experienced employment lawyer can help you document discrimination and pursue compensation from your employer when appropriate.

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