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4 Women File Sexual Harassment Lawsuit Against Restaurant Owner


The lives of female employees in Florida and other states can be made extremely unpleasant if they are exposed to inappropriate actions by male colleagues and bosses. Some women endure sexual harassment in the workplace, and some quit their jobs to escape it. When one person has the courage to take action, it is not uncommon for more victims to do the same.

Four women who were employed by a restaurant in another state decided that enough was enough and filed sexual harassment claims against their boss. The defendants in the claims are the restaurant and its owner. The plaintiffs allege the owner of the restaurant has inappropriately groped, touched and massaged female employees for years.

According to the complaints, the defendant's comments about the clothing and bodies of the woman were made with obvious sexual innuendos. One employee was told to wear low cut shirts because it will keep the patrons happy. Another worker was told to go home, change into a shorter skirt and come back to the restaurant for drinks. The plaintiffs further allege that the owner's behavior served as encouragement for other male employees to also harass the women workers.

The defense claims that there is no merit to the allegations made by the plaintiffs. Fighting such a battle in a civil court can be extremely challenging. Many Florida victims of sexual harassment choose to utilize the experience of a skilled employment law attorney to advocate on their behalves. The successful litigation of such claims may lead to the recovery of lost wages, benefits and other financial and emotional damages sustained.

Source:, "Ex-restaurant employees say they were sexually harassed by male owner", Matt Gray, Sept. 21, 2016

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