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Employment Discrimination: Young Mothers Have Rights Too


According to the Equality and Human Rights Commission, the lives of many young pregnant women are made tough in their workplaces in Florida and other states. In environments in which employment discrimination is prevalent, young mothers-to-be often suffer stress, anxiety and depression. This does not only harm the health of the mothers but also their unborn babies.

A significant number of expectant and new mothers are in junior positions in which they earn minimal wages. They are typically busy working themselves up to a stage where they would qualify for Statutory Maternity Pay, but they are not there yet. Coping with the costs of childcare and other responsibilities of a mother while meeting the expectations of an unsympathetic employer can be extremely challenging.

Many young female workers -- under 25 years of age -- have reported being dismissed as soon as their employers learned about their pregnancies. Many were no longer part of training programs, and promotion prospects were no longer on the table. Reasons for employment termination are often cited as illnesses related to pregnancy or simply the fact that the women were pregnant.

Some mothers resign because their workplace environments are unsafe for the unborn babies and themselves, and others quit because they feel pressured into resigning by the level of discrimination to which they are subjected. The EHRC reported that a digital campaign was launched to inform the young female workers of their legal rights under state and federal laws. No one needs to fight this battle alone, and every pregnant Florida employee is entitled to consult with an experienced labor law attorney to protect her rights and hold her employers accountable for employment discrimination.

Source:, "New Campaign Helping Young Expectant And New Mothers Stand Up Against Discrimination At Work", Samantha Finch, May 18, 2016

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