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My Employer Broke The Law. Now What?


Blowing The Whistles PDF

If you have witnessed something illegal at work, you need to know about your rights as a whistleblower.

Both in Florida and at the federal level, there are many different laws that prevent your employer from retaliating against you for taking a stand against illegal conduct. We recently released a white paper to help you make sense of these laws and the different ways that they can protect you. In it, we discuss:

  • What counts as illegal conduct?
  • Who can be considered a whistleblower?
  • What does retaliation look like?
  • How can you protect yourself?
  • What legal remedies are available?

To learn the answers to these and other questions about your rights and responsibilities as a whistleblower, read "Blowing The Whistle: When Your Employer Breaks The Law."

Click on the slide deck below for a presentation related to our white paper.

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