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Walt Disney World Accused Of Employment Discrimination


Many from Florida and around the world travel to Walt Disney World (Disney) for a family vacation. The company is notorious for stellar customer service and dedicated employees. One worker, however, is currently in the midst of an employment discrimination claim against the theme park.

The plaintiff works in the security department at Disney. She has been employer there for nearly 20 years. For all of her hard work, she was hoping that she could become a more integral part of the company and move up in the ranks.

She claims that she sought a promotion on seven different occasions. Each time she was rejected. She does not believe that she was denied a promotion due to a lack of qualifications. Rather, she claims that Disney discriminated against her because of her Haitian heritage. It is alleged that other workers who received promotions and salary increases were less qualified. 

Disney contends that the employment discrimination claim is baseless. This is not the first such case brought against Disney in Florida as five other workers in the same department also filed lawsuits against the company in recent years. Employees who prove their worth through hard work and dedication will usually reap the rewards through promotions and raises. This progress should not be hampered due to workers having legally protected statuses that are disagreeable to their employers. Those who feel that they are the victims of discrimination can consider taking their complaints to the legal system to try to right the injustices against them.

Source:, "Woman suing Disney for discrimination becomes emotional in court", Greg Fox, Sept. 2, 2015

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