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Nursing home board is accused of wrongful termination


There are many reasons why an employee may be terminated legally, while others are blatant violations of employment laws. A Florida resident who was the executive director of a now-closed nursing home claims that he suffered a wrongful termination at the hands of the authority board. The authority board was created by special legislature and consisted of seven members. Three members were chosen by the mayor, three by city council and the seventh was appointed by the other six members.

The plaintiff claims that the authority misused his administrator's license while he was taking a leave. He further alleges that the authority used his signature stamp on reports without his permission. One of the defendants was named in the suit for seizing the plaintiff's powers as the executive director.

According to his complaint, the authority met for a three-hour meeting and voted to terminate the plaintiff. He claims he was never able to ascertain the reason for his firing. After losing his job, the plaintiff alleges that he fell into a depression which made a medical leave necessary.

In his lawsuit, he is accusing the defendants of retaliating against him. He is asking the court to award him a significant settlement, which includes monetary damages for his mental state, lost income and benefits, and his legal fees. Although it is against the law, an illegal act, such as a wrongful termination, can still be committed by a Florida employer. However, when these instances happen, there are legal remedies available to right these actions.

Source:, "Holyoke Geriatric Authority, city sued by former director Donald Wilcox", Mike Plaisance, March 18, 2015

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