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Female Toy Quest Worker Accuses Company Of Sexual Harassment


An uncomfortable work environment that consistently involves harassment can make the life of employees in Florida and elsewhere potentially unbearable. Dealing with the stress of inappropriate remarks, gestures and the like can also cause employees to lose focus and be unable to perform their jobs effectively. Sexual harassment and other types of hostile work environments should never simply be accepted as commonplace, and it is the right of affected workers to speak out.

A woman who worked in the call center of Toy Quest -- which is a division of Manley Toys Direct -- alleges that during 2007 and 2008, she was forced to endure a sexually charged environment. The harassment came at the hands of a co-worker and her supervisor. The plaintiff alleges she had to deal with the constant, daily torment of verbal and physical harassment, including forcibly having her head shoved into her supervisor's crotch.

The plaintiff noticed that other women in the call center were enduring the same type of abuse. When the plaintiff complained about the harassment, she was fired. The other women who had also complained about the treatment were apparently fired as well.

A jury heard the plaintiff's complaint in a federal court and ruled in her favor, awarding her $11.9 million with $10 million being for punitive damages. Her attorney has concerns that the plaintiff may never see her award because of the way the company is structured. The plaintiff and her lawyer may eventually have to resort to debt collection against the company in order to see any money. Although it is very scary and uncomfortable, Florida workers who face sexual harassment have help available through the legal system to help prevent the behavior from continuing going forward.

Source:, "Iowa Jury Awards Nearly $12M in Sexual Harassment Lawsuit", Barbara Rodriguez, Aug. 7, 2015

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