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Certain laws could hurt sexual harassment cases in Florida


Being harassed in a workplace environment can be a very difficult situation to handle. When the situation is also brushed off by authority figures, it can seem even more distressing. By having more information on how to handle sexual harassment in a Florida workplace, an individual may be better equipped to move forward with ensuring that such hostile circumstances are addressed in a satisfactory manner.

There have been cases in the past in which such harassment has been dismissed due to the negative advances coming from co-workers, supervisors or other employees and not the employers themselves. New rules were later added by the Supreme Court that would make employers liable for the actions of supervisors. However, discrepancies still existed as to who could be considered a supervisor.

The term "supervisor" has recently been redefined to include those individuals who have the ability to hire and fire workers from an establishment. However, this definition could potentially be harmful to parties who are subjected to harassment from other co-workers. Possibly due to the fear that their case will be dismissed, it was reported that approximately 60 percent of sexual harassment cases are left unreported.

The number of cases not reported is staggering, and the situation should be handled more effectively. Florida residents who are subjected to sexual harassment in the workplace may wish to pay attention to potential changes in laws governing the consequences for such actions. They may also wish to explore their viable options for potentially seeking legal action against employers or other individuals who may have harassed them while on the job in order to ensure that such actions do not continue.

Source:, "It's time to close the workplace sexual harassment loophole", Arjun Sethi, May 9, 2014

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