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Florida workers may be afraid to report sexual harassment


In many cases where certain issues are being discussed, some individuals may feel that the topic is a serious problem while others may not see the situation as such. Unfortunately, many parties do not believe that sexual harassment in the workplace continues to be a prevalent issue. However, such harassment continues to take place in Florida and other places across the country, and many workers may not be reporting it.

Victims of such harassment are often individuals who may be in less powerful positions in a company. These individuals could potentially be targets because harassers may believe that such a worker may not seem credible if they were to file a complaint. However, individuals in higher positions could potentially also face such harassment. Women especially may feel as if their career might be damaged if they file a report.

Though filing a complaint may seem like an uncertain avenue, it could potentially better the situation. Keeping a record of the event could help give credibility to the claim. It is important to note as many details as possible in a factual manner. It could also be prudent to check employee manuals and other documents on workplace policies that could give instruction on how to handle such an event.

It is understandable that facing sexual harassment can leave an individual shaken and uncertain as to how to move forward. However, acting quickly by making notes and other records of the event could help a party have some evidence that may be needed later. Concerned individuals may also wish to explore how such situations are handled in Florida to better understand what options they may have for pursuing a sexual harassment lawsuit in a civil court of law.

Source: Fast Company, "Why Sexual Harassment Is Still An Issue And Why So Many Get Away With It", Gwen Morgan, June 25, 2014

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