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Florida workers should be aware of employee rights


It is important for Florida workers to understand that they have certain rights to which they are entitled. Employers must ensure that these employee rights are not infringed upon, or a serious situation could come about. Not only is it important for employers to be aware of the rights of employees, workers should also understand what rights they have.

Parties should understand that they are entitled to the following:

  • A harassment-free workplace
  • Receiving fair pay for work performed
  • Time away from work after the birth of a child

There are also other areas that deal with the rights of workers that could be helpful for concerned parties. By being knowledgeable about the situation, a worker could be more likely to understand when he or she is potentially being taken advantage of.

If an individual feels that he or she has been harassed at their workplace, is not receiving the proper pay or believes that his or her employee rights have been violated in any other manner, that party may wonder how to rectify the situation. First of all, if it is truly believed that infringement on rights has taken place, taking action may be necessary. A concerned Florida worker may wish to consider these steps:

  • Talk to an employer or supervisor about the concerns.
  • Make note of any events that took place that may have violated employee rights.
  • File a claim in a timely manner if the situation is not resolved.

Discussing these steps with an employee rights legal professional may be beneficial from the get-go.  

Source: FindLaw, "Protecting the Rights of Workers," July 22, 2014

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