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When is the time to file a harassment case in Florida?


When it comes to facing difficult situations in the workplace in Florida, it is important to be able to distinguish what types of situations may garner more serious action. In some instances, harassment or gender discrimination may be taking place that deserves to be examined from a legal standpoint. However, there are situations in which the conditions may not be serious enough.

When a supervisor or employee loses their temper and creates a scene in the workplace that makes an employee feel uncomfortable, that worker may wonder if the situation should be reported. A recent event involved a graphic designer who felt that her workplace was a hostile environment due to a supervisor yelling, slamming his hands on the desk and placing his hands on her during a discussion to prevent her from leaving. She pursued a case after complaining to the human resources department, but the result claimed that the actions of the supervisor were not illegal.

Though actions such as this from a supervisor may be deemed inappropriate and garner a complaint, whether to go through with legal action depends on the severity of the issue. If a superior takes this sort of action only against female workers, gender discrimination could be considered an issue. If the actions and physical aspects are considered more sexual in nature, a sexual harassment situation could be taking place.

Though no one should feel uncomfortable in their place of employment, it is important to understand when legal action may be appropriate. Therefore, workers in Florida who feel as if they have been the victim of gender discrimination, harassment or other hostile actions can take comfort in knowing that they have legal rights that may be enforced. This type of abuse is properly the subject of an employment discrimination claim based upon evidence of sexual harassment on-the-job.

Source: Business Management Daily, "Argument in the workplace isn't harassment", , April 21, 2014

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