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Florida Women Gather to Support Ratifying Equal Rights Amendment


With the amount of laws that protect gender discrimination in the workplace, you might think that protection of gender equality is part of the U.S. Constitution. But if you are a woman, there is no ratified constitutional amendment giving you equal rights under the law.

Florida advocate groups recently gathered on Women's Equality Day, August 26, to promote Florida finally ratifying the Equal Rights Amendment. Although the U.S. Congress passed the amendment in 1972, it still has not received ratification from the required minimum of 38 states.

Equal Rights Amendment still waiting for ratification

The Equal Rights Amendment gives all people equal rights under the law regardless of gender. Since the Equal Rights Amendment passed in 1972, 37 states have voted to ratify it and add the amendment to the U.S. Constitution. Two of the ratifications have been in the last two years.

Misunderstanding of equal rights

A Florida congresswoman tried unsuccessfully last year to pass a resolution that would have Florida be the 38th state. She blames a misunderstanding of equal rights under the law as the reason her fellow lawmakers refused to hear the resolution. This year she will try again.

Constitution does not guarantee women equal rights

While there are laws protecting women from discrimination, especially in the workplace, there is no constitutional amendment guaranteeing women's equal rights. The Equal Rights Amendment would give women more power to sue for unequal pay and gender discrimination in the workplace by making equal rights a constitutional right.

If you are a Florida woman, you may still face gender discrimination in the workplace. While there are federal and state laws that protect you, the Equal Rights Amendment would guarantee that the U.S. Constitution ensures equal rights for you.

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