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Florida workers could be affected by unpaid wages


Receiving compensation for services performed is typical of almost every area of business. Employees expect their employers to provide them with fair wages as they complete their duties while on the job. Unfortunately, some Florida workers could be subjected to unpaid wages that could significantly upset their livelihood as many individuals depend on their wages to uphold their household.

Individuals in another state are looking to follow through with a lawsuit against sandwich shop Jimmy John’s after they reportedly claimed wage theft. Reports state that complaints were filed against the chain due to employees apparently being forced to work off the clock and not receive pay for the work that they were performing during that time. This reportedly caused workers to receive less than minimum wage as well as unpaid overtime.

It is currently believed that this practice takes place at the chain’s locations all over the country, and as a result, the litigation is a class action lawsuit. It was also reported that when there was discussion of forming a union for the workers of the company, some of the employees were threatened. It was also noted that certain individuals were fired from their positions after they showed support of organizing the union.

Though some companies may want to offer low prices to their customers, that desire is no reason to subject their employees to unpaid wages. Individuals should be properly compensated for the work they perform and should not be forced to work off the clock. If employees in Florida feel that they may have been improperly compensated or not compensated at all for their work, they may wish to look into their legal options in order to potentially find a remedy to the situation.

Source:, "Jimmy John's With A Side Of Wage Theft?", Sarah Lazare, Aug. 13, 2014

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