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Disabled Florida employees could face workplace discrimination


Thousands of people across the country, including in Florida, live with disabilities on a daily basis. Some of these disabilities may be difficult to deal with without assistance, while other individuals are able to carry on while only making accommodations for their disability. Unfortunately, some individuals could face unfair workplace discrimination due to their disability, and they may wish to look into legal action.

A man in another state recently had a court date set for his disability discrimination suit. The situation reportedly began when the man was terminated from his position after being away for approximately two weeks. His leave was apparently due to being diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome and other issues, which were listed as work-related disabilities.

The man had apparently been an employee with Midas Muffler & Brakes for six years before his termination. After filing a complaint, he was granted the ability to follow through with a lawsuit, and the court date was recently set for next year. He is currently seeking damages that include lost wages, mental anguish, attorney’s fees and others that have stemmed from his termination and subsequent legal pursuit.

Pursuing a case for workplace discrimination can sometimes be a long road to follow. However, individuals who have been victimized by such situations may feel that the pursuit is worth it as they hope to gain compensation for the negative effects that resulted from the discriminatory actions. If Florida residents feel that they were unjustly discriminated against due to disability or other factors, they may wish to determine whether legal action could be right for them.

Source:, "Trial date set in disability discrimination lawsuit", , Aug. 18, 2014

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