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Wage claims possible for underpaid Florida airport employees


The amount of income a person generates plays a significant role in how he or she is able to live their life. Many low paying jobs leave employees struggling to pay bills and take care of their families, and some workers may feel the need to take action and submit wage claims in order to attempt to gain better working wages. Workers at an airport in Florida are currently taking action for such purposes.

Workers gathered at a roadside in order to hold signs and protest for better wages. Many employees believe that wages they currently earn are not enough to support themselves and their families, and that based on the work they do, they deserve higher pay. They also believe that though their pay meets minimum wage requirements, they are at a further disadvantage because they are not entitled to benefits to which they can afford.

The employees hope that their protests will shed light on the issue and display to their employers that they are united in their efforts for better pay. As workers at an international airport, the employees believe that they do their part to show travelers from all over the world that their facility runs smoothly. Unfortunately, they do not believe that they are treated with the adequate returned respect from employers.

If employees at this airport believe that they are not being paid adequately, filing further wage claims could be a step they may wish to consider. Pursuing changes in pay can be a complex endeavor, and though they have a united front for their cause, they may benefit from understanding Florida wage and hour laws to determine where their courses of action should take them. Having a sustainable income and employee benefits are important to the majority of workers, and in some cases, vying for them is the first step in having them established.

Source: NBC Miami, Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport Workers Protest Low Wages, Alexandra Leon and Claudia DoCampo, Oct. 5, 2013

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