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Overtime pay withheld from Florida police officers


While many people enjoy the privilege of working their jobs for enjoyment, the majority of workers rely heavily on their employment in order to earn enough money to support their needs and the needs of their families. It is expected that when work is done and wages earned -- especially for overtime -- those wages will be received. Unfortunately, as with a Florida police department, that is not always the case.

The Fort Myers Police Department is being required to compensate officers for withheld overtime pay. The FMPD was accused of not paying it to officers who worked an event in the area. The police chief reports that he did not feel there had been any illegal withholding. He claims that rearranging schedules and making his officers aware of the situation was within the guidelines of the union contract.

The possible withholding of wages was brought to the attention of the police union's president. Union representatives looked into the claims, and the FMPD is being required to pay the officers the overtime wages they earned. This police department was also required to pay back withheld wages to officers in 2011.

Many households rely on tight incomes, and when the opportunity for overtime pay presents itself, some will jump at the opportunity for the extra hours and payment. When that pay, or any pay, is withheld, it can have detrimental effects on a household and the ability for workers to pay for their needs. All employees are entitled to their earned wages. As with this FMPD case, taking action may be necessary to ensure proper wages are received. Finding information on Florida laws for workers' rights could be beneficial for anyone suspecting unfair employee treatment.

Source:, "FMPD forced to pay back overtime," May 17, 2013

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