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Family Dollar Accused Of A Wrongful Termination By Former Worker


When Florida residents are in search of inexpensive products, many will turn to Family Dollar Stores to pick up what they need. A former employee of the discount retailer in another state alleges that her alleged wrongful termination was not at all what she had bargained for. She has filed her case against the company in a federal court.

The plaintiff managed one of the retail locations and one day while opening the store, she suffered a traumatic event. She claims that during the opening a masked individual robbed the store and assaulted her. Reportedly, during the attack she got hit by a door and was trapped in a store room.

After the robbery, the plaintiff claims she suffered mentally and physically. To deal with the trauma, she reportedly needed treatment to help her get back to normal and she filed for workers' compensation. The plaintiff could not work after what she endured and was being supplemented by short-term disability to support her until she could return.

The woman claims that Family Dollar contacted her and told her that she was fired for personal reasons after seven years with the company. The plaintiff maintains that the reason why she was fired was only because she had filed a workers' compensation claim. She is accusing Family Dollar Stores of West Virginia Inc., of a wrongful termination and is seeking monetary damages and lost income. Florida individuals who believe that they have lost their jobs unlawfully may choose to file claims against their employers. Similar claims like the above that are successfully presented often will award the claimant monetary awards for damages sustained and even reinstatement to a prior position in appropriate circumstances.

Source:, "Woman accuses Family Dollar of retaliatory discharge", Robert Hadley, Feb. 10, 2016

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