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At-Will Employment

When many people hear the phrase "at-will employment," they are not exactly sure what it means. Essentially, it boils down to this: If you do not have an employment contract for a specified time period, your boss can fire you for any reason or no reason at all ― although there are several important legal exceptions to this rule.

In fact, just because you are an at-will employee doesn't mean your boss can do anything he or she wants. Even as an at-will employee, you still have certain rights in Florida if your boss wrongfully terminates your employment.

So What Rights Do I Have As An At-Will Employee?

Even without an employment contract, you may still have an employment law claim in several situations under both Florida and federal law.

For instance, if your employer fires you because of your gender, age, race, religion, national origin or disability, you may be able to bring a discrimination suit. However, you don't have to be fired to have a claim for discrimination, so long as you are negatively impacted in some way by the discriminatory actions — such as being denied a promotion. In addition, if you suffer a disability, and ask your employer for a reasonable accommodation, your employer must provide one — although it might not be exactly what you asked for. Also, if your boss makes things so bad for you that you feel you cannot work there any longer, you may also have a claim for constructive termination.

Your employer also cannot retaliate against you if you report discrimination or sexual harassment at work or if you blow the whistle on other illegal activity in the workplace.

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