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Sexual Harassment And Hostile Work Environment

While there are sexual predators in the workplace, most sexual harassment is simply discrimination. It is a way to put women down and make the workplace so unpleasant that women don't want to come back. It has very little to do with sex and very much to do with power. Once somebody refers to a part of the female anatomy, a woman professional can feel marginalized, and the entire conversation switches from her brain to her body.

What Is Sexual Harassment?

In the most basic terms, sexual harassment is employment discrimination in the form of unwelcome behavior. Often, sexual harassment has nothing to do with actual sex — for example, when male supervisors or fellow employees degrade or patronize female employees.

Sexual harassment may occur in numerous ways: a supervisor who demands a date in exchange for favorable treatment, an employee who engages in unwanted verbal or sexual behavior toward a co-worker, or a group of employees whose sexual jokes are so constant that they create a hostile and offensive work environment, interfering with the work performance of one or more co-workers.

Inspired To Help Women In The Workplace

At The Amlong Firm in Fort Lauderdale, we understand exactly how difficult it can be to go to work every day when facing sexual harassment or a hostile work environment. Attorney Karen Coolman Amlong first went into feminist politics, the Florida Legislature and subsequently law school after her boss at a department store chain told her she could not get a better-paying job because the competing male candidate "has a family" and "needs" the promotion.

Attorney Bill Amlong has also successfully argued before the United States Supreme Court that employers should be liable for the sexually harassing behavior of supervisory employees unless they have in place an effective mechanism to combat sexual harassment. He was also the first male chair of the Broward County Commission on the Status of Women.

Simply put, our attorneys are aggressive advocates who are here to help people in sexual harassment, hostile work environment, unequal pay and gender discrimination cases. Above all, we are trial attorneys. Our opponents know we are willing to go to court, which often makes them more willing to offer our clients better settlements.

Talk To One Of Our Lawyers About Your Sexual Harassment Claim

If you believe you have been victimized by sexual harassment in the workplace or a hostile work environment, contact a lawyer at The Amlong Firm today. You can reach us by calling 954-519-2235 or 877-367-4440 or fill out our simple contact form. While our office is located in Fort Lauderdale, we help victimized employees throughout South Florida.

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