Pregnancy Discrimination, Caregiver Discrimination And FMLA Claims

Some of the most selfless actions of life — giving birth and caring for another person — can bring out some of the most selfish qualities in employers. When employers perceive that employees won't be spending as much time in the salt mines, some employers punish employees by not promoting them, by cutting their hours or by terminating them.

At The Amlong Firm in Fort Lauderdale, we understand pregnancy and caregiver discrimination. We also have experts who understand it. Our lawyers are aggressive advocates who are here to help people involved in all types of employment law cases, including pregnancy and caregiver discrimination lawsuits.

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Above all, we are trial lawyers. Our opponents know we are ready to try cases, and we obtain settlements that are generally better than those obtained by lawyers with reputations for being reluctant to go to court. We are accomplished at handling complicated discrimination cases, and we are ready to fight you.

Types Of Pregnancy Discrimination

Our background includes protecting employees with pregnancy discrimination claims, which can take many forms. If you are pregnant, your employer may stereotype you as a "mommy tracker" instead of a serious professional. Your company may restrict the job activities of pregnant employees even though there is no medical reason for the restrictions. Or, your employer may wrongfully terminate you for going on maternity leave.

We prepare clients to take a proactive approach to pregnancy discrimination by following these key steps:

  • Request time off for doctor visits in writing
  • Obtain a copy of your employer's policies from your HR representative
  • Ask your employer in writing for available maternity benefits
  • Keep record of how other pregnant employees and those on maternity leave are treated
  • Inform your employer in writing within 30 days of your maternity plans
  • Know your employers' policy for making positions available after returning to work

Protecting Caregivers

Caregiver discrimination — also known as family-responsibility discrimination — is a growing area of the law. While most types of discrimination are based on a protected category such as sex or race, caregiver discrimination is not. Instead, it pulls a number of areas of law together, such as pregnancy and gender discrimination and the protections of the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA).

As a result, mothers and fathers who are caring for children, men and women caring for their spouses, and people caring for aged parents or relatives with disabilities are increasingly protected from discrimination at work. The Florida Civil Rights Act also protects people from caregiver discrimination such as failure to promote or wrongful termination based on family responsibilities or marital status.

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