Helping To End Gender Discrimination In The Workplace

Despite the fact that employers are required under the law to treat — and pay — men and women equally for the same job with the same responsibilities, sadly, that does not always occur. Indeed, to this day, many women continue to be victims of gender discrimination in the workplace — often being denied promotions and paid lower salaries than their male counterparts.

If you believe you are being discriminated against because of your gender, The Amlong Firm will help you fight back. We understand the struggles women face in the workplace, and we will help you seek justice.

As the first state coordinator of the Florida chapters of the National Organization for Women (NOW), attorney Karen Coolman Amlong has been an advocate for women's rights for decades. Her husband and firm co-founder, attorney Bill Amlong, has also successfully argued sexual harassment issues before the United States Supreme Court. Quite simply, we possess experience and knowledge that few employment law firms can match.

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What Is Gender Discrimination?

In most cases, gender discrimination is about the "glass ceiling" — stereotypes and expectations of what women can and should be doing versus what men can and should be doing. Men are assumed to be competent. Women have to prove their competence over and over again.

Women's mistakes are remembered long after men's are forgotten. Research also shows that women are often expected to conform to various stereotyped roles, including a "mother" (who nurtures), "Ms. Efficiency" (who organizes everything for everybody) and a "mascot" (who waits on the sidelines and cheers the guys on). Women who conform to stereotypes often are rewarded. Those who don't often are punished. When a male manager demands higher performance or stands up for himself, he's being "assertive." When a female manager does the same thing, she's being a "bitch."

Gender discrimination also is about that office bully who rears up on his toes and, with a red face, screams at his female vice president, but does not have what it takes to scream at his male vice president. Gender discrimination is about an employer who is hostile and intimidating to you because of your gender, even if the content of what he says is not sexual.

However, gender discrimination can also be very subtle. For instance, if male employees working in male-dominated professions — such as firefighters, police officers and those in the financial industry — are rude or even dismissive toward female co-workers, it may be evidence of gender discrimination in the workplace. Quite simply, if the anti-woman behavior is either serious or pervasive, it is against the law.

What's Happening Here Is Gender Discrimination, And It's Illegal In The Workplace

The Amlong Firm has represented executive and professional women who were punished because they are forceful and effective and didn't live up (or down) to the stereotypes. We have litigated cases for women in law enforcement, emergency medical services, construction and even the trucking industry. While most of our gender discrimination cases involve women, the same employment laws and principles also protect men from gender-based discrimination and harassment, including sexual harassment. Regardless of your situation, contact us today and learn how we can help you.