Is Your Professional License Or Job Being Threatened By An Administrative Body? We Can Help.

Many types of legal disputes can involve administrative law matters, including several that require interaction with licensing boards, government bodies and other similar organizations.

These cases can vary dramatically from one to the next, and, in many instances, differ substantially from the traditional legal process. If you are faced with an administrative law matter ― particularly one in which your professional license or job is at risk ― you need to be certain that you choose a lawyer who understands how to work with the appropriate parties to achieve solutions.

At The Amlong Firm in Fort Lauderdale, we have a reputation for results in a wide range of administrative law matters. Our focus is on defending individuals who have been accused of some form of industry violation or other wrongdoing. We frequently represent:

Our Goal Is Simple: We Protect Careers

Typically, we represent people who are facing allegations that put their careers and their future in jeopardy. Our attorneys take immediate action in these cases, working hard to find every opportunity to prevent or mitigate any possible negative outcome.

We encourage you to contact us as soon as you believe you are under investigation or as soon as you know that a complaint has been filed against you. By getting us involved early in the process, we may be able to find opportunities for early intervention, ultimately preventing allegations to become formalized.

We respect the importance of discretion and privacy in these cases, knowing that even the accusation of wrongdoing can jeopardize business. We act swiftly and in complete confidence to resolve cases quickly and positively.

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