Five Common Signs Of Age Discrimination

Even though it is against the law for employers to discriminate against employees simply because of their age, sadly, age discrimination continues to be a real problem in workplaces throughout South Florida. In many cases, age discrimination has nothing to do with an older employee's ability to perform his or her job and everything to do with the fact that he or she has a higher salary than his or her younger counterparts. So, when the time comes for downsizing or layoffs, older employees are often the first ones to go.

While age discrimination in the workplace can vary a great deal depending on the circumstances ― ranging from subtle prejudiced comments to outright abuse and termination ― there are several common signs of age discrimination of which you need to be aware, including:

  • Stereotypes in the workplace: Despite evidence to the contrary, there continues to exist a deeply held stereotype that workers are less competent as they get older. Employers incorrectly believe that older workers are not tech-savvy and simply can't keep up with younger employees in today's fast-moving business world. If you are stereotyped because of your age and you are negatively impacted at work as a result, you may have a claim for age discrimination.
  • Biased comments: If your boss calls you "gramps," is constantly asking you about your retirement or says you are working too hard for your age, you need to document it, including the names of any witnesses. This information would prove invaluable should you eventually need to file an age discrimination claim.
  • Harassment: If, in an effort to get you to quit, your boss or co-workers are making your life at work miserable because of your age, you are a victim of age discrimination. Quite simply, they cannot harass you, call you names or make fun of you because of your age.
  • Favoritism and disparate treatment: Are younger workers always getting the best assignments or equipment? Is your boss punishing you more harshly than younger workers for the same actions? Was a younger employee given a promotion even though you were more qualified? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then age discrimination may exist in your workplace.
  • Sudden poor performance review: If you suddenly start to receive poor performance reviews even though your work performance has not suffered or declined, you might have an age discrimination claim.

It is important to remember, however, that these are just a few of the many potential signs of age discrimination in the workplace. To learn more, it is best to contact an experienced lawyer who focuses on helping employees protect their employment law rights.

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