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Claims Involving Overtime And Unpaid Wages

Even though there are several types of wage-and-hour claims in Florida, some of the most common ones include situations in which employers illegally withhold commissions/wages, do not pay the minimum wage and fail to pay overtime to workers. In some cases, employers even attempt to circumvent wage and overtime laws by classifying workers as exempt or independent contractors.

At The Amlong Firm, our attorneys believe employers should be held accountable when they attempt to cheat their employees out of their hard-earned wages. Our lawyers handle many of these wage-and-hour claims on a contingency fee basis, especially if we believe you have a strong case. Not only does the law forbid this behavior, but it also makes your boss pay your attorney's fees if you are successful.

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We Handle All Cases, Big And Small

While many wage-and-hour claims involve relatively small amounts of money — such as when an employer doesn't pay a few hours of overtime in a single week — this amount can grow significantly over time, especially if your employer is doing the same thing to other workers.

In fact, we often find that when an employer is willing to treat one employee unfairly, it usually has no problem doing the same thing to other employees. Because of this, we also handle class-action lawsuits in which many workers have been negatively impacted by an employer's illegal wage-and-hour practices.

Our attorneys have helped workers in the construction industry and those in direct and indirect sales in class-action suits. We have also represented employees misclassified as independent contractors in the adult entertainment industry, the construction industry, the travel industry and many others.

Representing Small Businesses In Wage-And-Hour Claims

Our law firm also represents restaurants and other small businesses that face nonmeritorious wage-and-hour claims, including claims related to alleged unpaid overtime or commissions. As lawyers who normally represent plaintiffs, we can quickly assess whether there is liability on your part.

If there is liability, we will advise you to pay immediately so you can minimize your losses and potential obligations for attorney's fees and costs. On the other hand, if we feel you have no liability, we are in a good position to defend you in court and seek summary judgment and sanctions against nuisance claims.

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