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Florida Discrimination & Harassment Lawyers

Most people don't understand what it is like to face discrimination and harassment in the workplace. At The Amlong Firm in Fort Lauderdale, we get it. We also have experts who get it. Our lawyers have a successful track record of verdicts and settlements in a wide range of employment law cases, including sexual harassment, race and national origin discrimination, age discrimination, and GLBT issues.

We're known for taking on cutting-edge cases. In a landmark employment discrimination case before the U.S. Supreme Court in 1998, Bill Amlong successfully argued that sexual harassment in the workplace is nothing other than discrimination by another name. Karen Coolman Amlong, as an American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) cooperating attorney, tried a case that sought to overturn Florida's ban on gay and lesbian adoptions. We have handled a number of high-profile gay and lesbian rights cases, one of which was made into a TV movie.

Our lawyers and staff are as diverse as the clients we represent:

  • Karen Coolman Amlong was the first woman elected to the Florida State Legislature from Broward County and the first State Coordinator of the Florida chapters of the National Organization of Women (NOW).
  • Bill Amlong is a former investigative reporter who was nominated by The Miami Herald for three Pulitzer Prizes, who covered local, state and national politics.
  • Jennifer Daley, senior counsel, is the daughter of a St. Croix fisherman and a former Law Clerk for the Florida First District Court of Appeals.
  • Rani Nair Bolen, formerly an Marriott International Corp. corporate accountant, is the daughter of two Indian Ph.D. biochemists.

Our staff members include a paralegal who is a columnist on issues faced by gay and bisexual women, a day-job IT guy whose real profession is as a musician, a single mother from Grenada and a third degree black belt Thai kickboxer from Sri Lanka.

Above all, we are trial lawyers. Employers and defense attorneys know we are willing to try discrimination and other employment law cases, which reputation enhances our ability to obtain settlements. While we primarily represent plaintiffs, we also represent employers in wage-and-hour claims, employment contract disputes, and business disputes.

For a consultation with an employment law attorney at The Amlong Firm, call 954.519.2235 or fill out our simple contact form. From our office in Fort Lauderdale, we serve clients throughout South Florida.