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Ex-employee sues for workplace discrimination, wins

The Americans with Disabilities Act has made the work environment a safer and fairer place for disabled employees. Some people in Florida may not know that the ADA can even apply to employees who are caring for a disabled loved one and not just disabled workers. Unfortunately, what this means is that some caretakers suffer workplace discrimination simply for taking care of a family member.

Woman files workplace discrimination suit against city

When people in Florida are mistreated at work on the basis of gender and race, it is natural for them to feel violated, but, fortunately, they have the right to seek to hold their former employers accountable. One woman in another state is doing this by filing a million-dollar workplace discrimination suit against a city's mayor and the city itself. The African-American woman claimed that she was terminated because of her gender and race.

City clerk in Florida files claim for workplace discrimination

When an individual feels that he or she has been discriminated against on the job, the person should have the ability to report such a situation without retaliation. If retaliation does occur, the situation could be considered to be indicative of further workplace discrimination. As a result, an employee may wish to consider taking legal action in attempts to right the situation.

Former coach files workplace discrimination suit against school

A former coach at a Florida university recently filed a workplace discrimination suit against the institution. According to the workplace discrimination claim, the university behaved in a discriminatory way toward him after he revealed that he suffered from multiple sclerosis. He alleges that he was then terminated after complaining about how he was treated by the school's officials.

EEOC files suit against FedEx for workplace discrimination

In the ideal Florida workplace, employers would take the time to accommodate workers who have disabilities or other reasons to need special adjustments. In fact, there are laws and regulations in place that should ensure that this ideal workplace exists for disabled individuals. Unfortunately, many workers may end up losing pay or their jobs in entirely due to workplace discrimination and lack of accommodations from employers.

Disabled Florida employees could face workplace discrimination

Thousands of people across the country, including in Florida, live with disabilities on a daily basis. Some of these disabilities may be difficult to deal with without assistance, while other individuals are able to carry on while only making accommodations for their disability. Unfortunately, some individuals could face unfair workplace discrimination due to their disability, and they may wish to look into legal action.

Technology advances could lead to age discrimination in Florida

When Florida residents are searching for a job, the list of qualifications on some hiring ads can seem intimidating. However, many individuals of all ages possess the necessary experience and knowledge to be a valuable employee. Unfortunately, some employers may feel that older individuals may not be suited for certain positions, which could potentially be seen as discrimination.

Florida worker files claim against Apple for discrimination

Performing well at the designated duties of an occupation can be a great source of pride for many workers. They may wish to show employers and supervisors that they are responsible and dedicated to bettering the business in which they work. In many cases, employees are rewarded for good work with promotions or other incentives. However, there are situations in which employees may feel that they were overlooked for a promotion or other award due to discrimination.

Discrimination case reopened after potential bias

When it comes to Florida court cases, many factors can go into ensuring that an individual receives a fair trial without bias. In some instances, a case may even be reopened if new information is discovered that could potentially have had a biased effect on the outcome of a case. When such information is associated with a workplace discrimination case, it is important that the case is re-evaluated.

Discrimination charges apparently not uncommon in Florida

When a person is considering applying for a new job, they may take many aspects into consideration. One of these aspects is likely the location of the job. Some individuals may wish to do their research on how employment is handled in certain states, and unfortunately, some may think twice about applying for a job in Florida due to its ranking for number of discrimination and harassment charges.


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