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Sexual Harassment Archives

Florida sexual harassment victim files for wrongful termination

Being sexually harassed can be a very frightening experience for anyone. When sexual harassment occurs in a place of employment, it can be not only frightening but also stressful as a person's employment could be put at risk for being a victim. Situations where harassment victims are terminated from their positions due to speaking out are unfortunately more common than they should be. Many of these situations could be grounds for a wrongful termination suit against former employers in order for the employees to gain reparations for the wrong doing.

Understanding sexual harassment could benefit Florida employees

Feeling safe in a work environment is very important for all employees. Sexual harassment can lead to a person dreading their work days or even causing them to leave their position altogether. It can be somewhat confusing, however, when trying to determine what constitutes as sexual harassment. In some cases, reporting incidents to superiors may be enough action, but in other situations, legal action may be necessary.

Sexual harassment on the rise in Florida produce fields

Being in the workforce can make Florida women feel independent and empowered. Taking part in working for income that provides for their families can bring a greater sense of closeness and bonding as they work in order to have a better ability to care for loved ones. Unfortunately, this feeling of empowerment and independence can be tainted when another person uses their power or authority to sexually harass someone else in the workplace. Sexual harassment is a widespread issue across many industries, but this problem is growing in abundance in the agricultural industry. 

Woman cop files sexual harassment suit against employing city

It seems that cases claiming sexual power-plays in the workplace never cease and do not decline. In one lawsuit filed in a federal court in another state, a female cop claims that she was sexually harassed and retaliated against by her supervising officer. Although the case is not in Florida, a sexual harassment claim based on federal law will follow the same principles regardless of the federal district involved.

Florida prison workers launch class-action sexual harassment suit

A group of female workers who say they are the target of repeated and unwanted sexual attention in the prison where they work have been granted class-action status. This comes on the heels of multiple complaints about sexual harassment within the prison workplace from dozens of female employees. They allege the Florida branch of the Bureau of Prisons has not done enough to protect their safety and rights.

Florida federal prison faces class action sexual harassment suit

A federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP) facility in Florida is under fire for alleged inappropriate conduct toward female staff by the inmates. The women say that they were regularly subjected to sexual harassment from the inmates and supervisors did nothing to stop it. Recently, an administrative judge granted the women the right to file a class action suit against the BOP.

Sexual harassment complaint can help protect Florida workers

No one wants to be subject to a hostile work place. Each year, however, there are numerous suits filed across Florida that question whether companies are following state and federal laws addressing sexual harassment in the workplace. When these laws are not followed, a lawsuit may be filed to protect a worker's rights and to put a stop to the offensive conduct.

Florida man keeps job after 2nd sexual harassment incident

Sexual harassment in the workplace can occur despite policies and procedures in place to prevent it. When an employer receives a claim from an employee that they have been the victim of sexual harassment, it is incumbent on the employer to investigate the validity of the claim and take appropriate action if necessary. A Florida school system had to do exactly that when two teachers claimed a fellow employee made inappropriate and unwanted gestures toward them.

Florida residents take part in gender discrimination survey

Attitudes toward equality have progressed significantly over the last few decades. For example, people's views on gay rights and toward immigration have changed drastically since a poll was taken in 1997. However, how women view their treatment in the workplace has changed a shockingly small amount, indicating they still face gender discrimination in the workplace. Participants in the survey were from all over the United States, including Florida.

Florida women claim gender discrimination still an issue

An amendment to the U.S Constitution proposed over 15 years ago is still a topic that is currently being debated. Because the Equal Rights Amendment, was only ratified by 35 states (instead of the necessary 38), it was never actually added to the Constitution. However, Florida women are hoping to help change that by urging the state legislature to finally ratify the amendment that would make gender discrimination illegal. The passing of the Amendment would bolster laws in place that ban discrimination in the work force.


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