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Sexual Harassment Archives

Potential harassment leads to Florida officer's termination

The way co-workers and superiors interact with each other can play a significant role in the comfort level of a workplace environment. If one worker makes another worker feel uncomfortable through harassment or other negative behaviors, the environment can become difficult to work in. As a result, a complaint may be filed and action may need to be taken.

Hostile work environment should not be tolerated in Florida

When a Florida worker travels to their place of employment, the way there can be filled with a mixture of emotions. While many people may not pay much attention to how they feel on their way to work, some individuals may be all too aware of the dread they feel going into a hostile work environment. In these situations, some employees could face harassment or unfair treatment on a daily basis.

Gender discrimination laws could work against Florida women

Applying for a job and going in for an interview can be an exciting yet nerve-wracking time for Florida applicants. As they anticipate questions that could be asked, they may also hope that they do not fall victim to any sort of gender discrimination. While there are laws against such discrimination taking place, there has been some question as to whether those laws are currently working against some women.

Florida supervisors should handle sexual harassment accordingly

Running a Florida business can be difficult as there are many aspects that supervisors must take into consideration. The environment that is created in the workplace is one aspect that needs attention. If workers feel uncomfortable at their place of employment due to sexual harassment or other negative behaviors, the situation can be quite detrimental. Therefore, employers and supervisors need to be aware of how to handle complaints and deter negative actions.

Florida workers have options for dealing with sexual harassment

Facing sexual harassment in the workplace is an event that many Florida women -- and men -- unfortunately find themselves confronted with. Knowing how to deal with co-workers and superiors who cross the line between being friendly and committing sexual harassment can be difficult to determine. Some workers may fear that they will be shamed though they are the victim or that they could possibly lose their job or face other retaliation for reporting incidents of harassment.

Nurse contractor at Florida jail sues for sexual harassment

A nurse who was contracted to treat inmates in a Florida jail is now suing Sarasota County and several deputies, claiming that they created a hostile work environment when they distributed sexually explicit drawings of her around the correctional facility. She alleges that the sexual harassment began in the autumn of 2012 and continued until she terminated her position with Armor Correctional Health Services on Jan. 17. The plaintiff claims that she was embarrassed enough by the sexual harassment she experienced that she had to consider leaving her job.

Former fast food workers in Florida file sexual harassment case

An enjoyable work environment can make any type of job a pleasant place to work, no matter what the occupational field may be. Conversely, a negative work environment can leave workers feeling uncomfortable and dreading having to return to their posts. When a hostile environment includes sexual harassment or other forms of negative behavior, employees may feel compelled to leave their positions.

Florida employees should not fear reporting sexual harassment

Being subjected to a hostile work environment can make an employee dread having to go into their place of employment. Sexual harassment is, unfortunately, a common complaint among workers across the country, including those in Florida. A recent study has even indicated that an alarmingly high number of female workers have been subjected to crude comments about their bodies and have left their jobs due to feeling uncomfortable because of such harassing incidents.

Unpaid interns in Florida not protected from sexual harassment

Being able to participate in an internship can be a great boost of experience for young people who will soon be looking for permanent employment. Unfortunately, not all of the internship positions offer the participating party any form of income. Unpaid internships have been the subject of debate as of recently, and as more negative information comes to light about such positions, such as how sexual harassment is dealt with, unpaid positions may become a thing of the past.

Florida sexual harassment victims should not feel trapped

When Florida employees must deal with a harsh work environment, their work productivity can be greatly affected in a negative manner. Facing sexual harassment can create the type of negative atmosphere that no worker should have to encounter. Employees who feel they have been the victim of such harassment need to understand that there are options for them that could help put a stop the unwelcome actions and that they should not feel blame for being a victim.


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