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Sexual Harassment Archives

Former employee accuses Tyler Perry of sexual harassment

Working for celebrities may be considered a glamorous job, but behind the scenes things are not always what they seem. Sometimes the employees who work for them in Florida and elsewhere may be afraid to come forward about the way in which they are treated for fear of being humiliated publicly or being fired. Being exposed to sexual harassment in the workplace is never acceptable, and it can take a lot of courage to speak out and bring the offenders to justice.

Sexual harassment claim by 3 women took too long for justice

Reporting unwanted behavior in the workplace requires a lot of courage. Once the sexual harassment has been brought forward, it is expected that the situation will be handled in a timely fashion. However, some companies in Florida and elsewhere may not take the allegations seriously and may take an unacceptably long time disciplining the offending party.

Woman accuses multiple defendants of allowing sexual harassment

Victimized workers who report predatory behavior expect that their claims will be taken seriously. It can be difficult and frightening for the affected employees to come forward with their stories. Florida workers who suffer from sexual harassment may be forced to turn to the law so that harassment does not continue in the future.

33 women are accusing Ford of sexual harassment

Many people are forced to go to work each day with feelings of nervousness because they know the type of day they likely have ahead of them. People in Florida and across the country may be shocked to hear the allegations being made by a group of 33 women who worked or still work at Ford plants in another state. These women claim that they were all victims of sexual harassment.

Red Lobster settles sexual harassment lawsuit for $160,000

Everyone in the workplace should be conscientious of what he or she says and does. Workers should never be made to feel uncomfortable when they are trying to do their jobs. Unfortunately, a large family dining chain is now reportedly being seen in a negative light for just such reasons. Florida-based Red Lobster has been dealing with accusations by some of its employees who are claiming that they were the victims of sexual harassment.

Former CBS reporter claims he was the victim of sexual harassment

Harassment in the workplace is not defined by gender. Both men and women in Florida and across the country can become victims of sexual harassment. Recently, a former reporter for CBS claims he was subjected to a hostile work environment. The plaintiff started at CBS as a freelancer and then proceeded to have a successful career that soon had him handling high-profile assignments. Although his career was flourishing, the man claims he was enduring sexual harassment from his male co-workers.

Women say "Uncle Touchy" is to blame for their sexual harassment

There is a fine line between being friendly in the workplace and activities that are considered inappropriate. All employees should be educated on how to behave, even those who hold high ranking positions. A woman who worked for a Florida fire department says that she became fed up with the sexual harassment she was forced to endure by the chief of personnel.

Ex-Google worker exposes her alleged sexual harassment on Twitter

Google is once again in the headlines but not for new technological developments. Fans of Google in Florida and elsewhere may be very surprised to hear the story of one of its former female employees. She is claiming that she was the victim of sexual harassment and that nothing was ever done to help her.

Further action may be needed for Florida sexual harassment claims

Feeling at ease at a place of employment may seem like a difficulty for some Florida workers for various reasons. Some individuals may have anxiety over potentially making a mistake, being fired or other mentalities that may contribute to feeling nervous on the job. However, there are situations in which other employees can make workers feel uncomfortable, especially if those workers are being subjected to sexual harassment.

Retaliation should not be outcome of sexual harassment complaints

When a Florida resident is in a situation that makes him or her uncomfortable, one of the first reactions to have may be to complain about the situation. Some parties may complain without thought of negative repercussions, but workers who are subjected to sexual harassment on the job may fear that complaining could put their jobs at risk. However, the loss of a job due to a harassment claim should not be tolerated, and individuals may wish to take legal steps.


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