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Sexual Harassment Archives

Have you experienced unwanted behavior on the job in Florida?

The Florida Civil Rights Act prohibits employment practices that discriminate on the basis of sex. Those who have experienced unwanted behavior or harassment in the workplace might understand the trauma that a group of Latino women suffered in another state. Their situation was recently resolved by the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

Fort Lauderdale Beach Resort faces sexual harassment complaints

The Fort Lauderdale Beach Resort in Florida may be a great place to relax and get away for visitors, but a staff member tells a different story of what happens behind closed doors. A woman who worked as a housekeeper and groundskeeper for the resort alleges that she was subjected to sexual harassment at the hands of her manager. She claims that her complaints about the uncomfortable situation got her fired.

Gravity4 CEO accused of sexual harassment by founding employee

Many Florida readers may be familiar with young entrepreneur Gurbaksh Chahal, founder of tech company Gravity4. The CEO is now being sued by one of his first employees for sexual harassment. When the plaintiff was enticed to come onboard as a designer with a promise of 1% stock option and help with his immigration status, he thought that he was making a good decision.

Moreno Farms accused of sexual harassment by migrant workers

Across the country, many cases of rape and sexual harassment go on among migrant workers that are never reported because of fear. A group of five female migrant workers in Florida who worked at Moreno Farms spoke up, alleging that they were the victims of sexual harassment. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission filed a complaint on their behalf in a federal court.

Fort Pierce former officer wins $510k for sexual harassment claim

One of the female police officers of the Fort Pierce Police Department in Florida alleges that her work environment was so stressful that she was forced to quit. She claims that she was the victim of sexual harassment for years and also suffered discrimination because of her gender. Her claim against the department was heard by a jury in a federal court.

Ex custodian alleges her sexual harassment claims were ignored

Allegations of sexual harassment in Florida and elsewhere should always be taken seriously and handled in a timely fashion. A woman who worked at an elementary school in another state said that she faced regular sexual harassment on the job, but her complaints were ignored. She has now taken her complaint to a Superior Court against the school district.

Sexual harassment complaint against Hufcor ends in $120K judgment

It takes a lot of strength and courage for people who endure sexual harassment to come forward. Some workers in Florida may fear there will be repercussions for reporting the sexual harassment or that their complaints will fall on deaf ears. If repeated attempts to stop the misconduct are being ignored or fail, the legal system may be required to settle the matter.

Female Toy Quest worker accuses company of sexual harassment

An uncomfortable work environment that consistently involves harassment can make the life of employees in Florida and elsewhere potentially unbearable. Dealing with the stress of inappropriate remarks, gestures and the like can also cause employees to lose focus and be unable to perform their jobs effectively. Sexual harassment and other types of hostile work environments should never simply be accepted as commonplace, and it is the right of affected workers to speak out.

Domino's Pizza manager accused of sexual harassment by workers

Many Florida residents who turn to Domino's for their pizza fix may be upset by allegations made by some of the restaurant chain's female employees in another state. The women claim they were the victims of sexual harassment, beginning shortly after one of the women was hired. One of the plaintiffs, a delivery driver, asserts that her manager made statements about hiring women based on how attractive they appeared on their Facebook profiles. She is said to have reported these comments to the restaurant's general manager.

Designer Tahari involved in a $12M sexual harassment lawsuit

There is a level of decorum that should always be upheld in the workplace. Many consumers in Florida and across the globe who are familiar with the Tahari clothing line may be dismayed to hear about the recent accusations made against the designer. A claim by one of his fashion consultants is the second sexual harassment case filed against him in two months.


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