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Workplace Discrimination Archives

Bookseller accused of workplace discrimination by ex-employee

Barnes & Noble is making headlines but not being shown in a positive light. People in Florida and elsewhere who patronize the bookseller may be very disturbed to hear about the way in which it allegedly treated one of its transgender employees. The woman claims that her transition was not handled with sensitivity and that she was the victim of workplace discrimination and harassment.

City settles for $1.6M after being accused of not hiring blacks

Every qualified applicant deserves a fair shot at getting a position. The hiring decision should be made based upon the person's qualifications for the job, not upon their protected status. When job seekers in Florida notice that a company is not hiring minorities, they may accuse the company of discrimination.

Jewish man claims he was the victim of religious discrimination

Everyone is entitled to his or her religious beliefs and should not be discriminated against in the workplace because of them. The American Civil Liberties Union of Florida is bringing forth a federal lawsuit on behalf of one of the employees of the Collier County Sheriff's Office. The man claims that he was routinely discriminated against because of his religious beliefs and even held back from getting a promotion.

Google accused of employment discrimination based on age

Technology is a competitive industry and people of various ages can be qualified to perform the essential functions of those jobs. A Florida man claims that when he applied to work at Google he was turned down based on employment discrimination due his age. Data compiled on the company demonstrated that from 2007 to 2013, the company grew exponentially, yet the average age of the its workers was only 29 as compared to the average technology worker across the United States being 43.

Ex-server wins ethnic discrimination lawsuit over her hair color

There are many reasons for which employees can be fired that are completely legal under state and federal laws. However, there are other reasons employers could give that could be classified as ethnic discrimination if certain employees are being treated differently than others. Patrons of Hooters restaurants in Florida and elsewhere may be shocked to hear that the company terminated one of its employees because of the color of her hair.

Woman accuses UPS of violating the Pregnancy Discrimination Act

Depending upon the type of work, a woman may not be able to continue to perform her job as normal during pregnancy. This could require a Florida employer to make reasonable concessions so that the woman may be able to work. A former driver for UPS alleges that she was not accommodated during her pregnancy and that the company violated the Pregnancy Discrimination Act.

Facebook accused of race and gender discrimination by ex employee

The name synonymous with social media is back in the headlines, but not in a positive light. Facebook users in Florida and across the world may be shocked to hear the accusations against the media giant. A woman who worked for the company is claiming that the company treated her unfairly because of her race and gender. She has filed a discrimination claim against the company and mentions a significant number of employees who allegedly mistreated her. One of them was named and 50 more were unnamed.

Man alleges racial discrimination due to a rejected I-9 document

The I-9 form has very strict guidelines outlining which forms of identification may or may not be used. People who are hired or need their credentials re-verified should all be subjected to the same rules and not have their paperwork rejected unless their documents are not those allowed according to the I-9's instructions. A man who worked for a Florida hotel that is owned by Hilton Worldwide is claiming that, due to racial discrimination, the documents he presented for re-verification were unnecessarily rejected.

Nurse not allowed to care for patient claims discrimination

After being denied the ability to care for a patient for 17 days, a nurse is seeking retribution for her treatment. The woman, who is an African-American, is still currently employed by the Palms of Pasadena Hospital in Florida. She was originally hired as a dietary aid in 1998 but later became a nurse. She alleges that she was turned away from caring for a patient because of her race and has filed a discrimination claim against the hospital.

Seasons 52 accused of not hiring people based upon discrimination

Selecting the right person to fill a fill a position is never an easy task. There are many criteria for which an employer can eliminate a potential applicant. Some are considered illegal. If a Florida company is not cautious regarding its hiring practices to stay within the confines of the law, it may be accused of discrimination.


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