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Workplace Discrimination Archives

A random drug test results in an employment discrimination claim

Florida readers may be familiar with The Ziegenfelder Company which is well known for its cold confection treats. A former employee of the company alleges that working there was not quite as sweet as the company's products and has filed a wrongful termination claim in a state court. He alleges that after failing a drug test while on medication and later proving he was clean, he lost his job anyways due to employment discrimination based on his age.

Transgender worker's employment discrimination case goes to trial

Employers in Florida and elsewhere should be very familiar with how to treat their workers fairly, but unfortunately, some are still mistreated based on their legally protected statuses. An out-of-state transgender auto mechanic is finally making headway in her six-year long legal battle against employment discrimination. The lower court opinion on her federal court case was recently reversed after the U.S. Court of Appeals determined that there was sufficient evidence for a trial.

Pizza Hut accused of workplace discrimination by 2 older servers

Pizza Hut is a household name to many Florida individuals, but their opinion of the food chain may change after learning of recent accusations leveled against the restaurant in a federal court. Two former employees who worked for the restaurant chain in another state are accusing it of workplace discrimination based on their age. They claim that they were forced into a dangerous situation so the company could have an excuse to fire them.

Fox Sports 1 reporter alleges employment discrimination

Many Florida sports fans may be familiar with watching long time reporter, Colleen Dominguez. After her many years of service in the industry, Dominguez claims that she lost her job because she was getting older. She believes she is the victim of employment discrimination and has filed a federal lawsuit against Fox Sports 1.

Home Depot faces accusations of workplace discrimination

Discrimination is a very serious issue in the workplace that can take many forms. Workers who are being mistreated do not have to tolerate the abuse and have a legal right to file a workplace discrimination claim when the discrimination alleged constitutes a violation of the law. A woman who worked for Home Depot outside of Florida claims that she was mistreated based on several protected status characteristics and has filed a lawsuit in a federal court.

CNN writer-producer says he is the victim of race discrimination

A writer-producer at CNN has filed a case against the newsroom in a federal court outside of Florida. He claims that CNN discriminated against him because of his race. He began working for CNN in 2010 and, according to his lawsuit, is the only black male in his position that works on any CNN programs that are made by CNN World Headquarters.

Cintas settles employment discrimination lawsuit for $1.5M

Cintas Coporation, a company that provides uniforms to clients across the United States, including Florida, is facing a complaint filed by the Equal Opportunity Commission. The company is being accused of employment discrimination based on gender. Cintas had allegedly discriminated against women during the hiring process in another state.

Man allegedly harassed, arrested and fired for religious beliefs

The Council on American-Islamic Relations is working with an American Muslim man to help him fight back against the alleged discrimination he faced. The plaintiff worked for the Sheriff's Office in Orange County, Florida, as a deputy for approximately six years before he was fired. He believes he was discriminated against because of his religious beliefs.

IT workers accuse Disney of national origin discrimination

Many Florida workers become disillusioned when they fail to find employment after getting great educations at good colleges. Some may even find employment, only to be discharged and replaced by workers from foreign countries. It is alleged that national origin discrimination is prevalent, and a recent report indicates that increased numbers of American workers lose their jobs to workers from other countries who are in the country on H-1B visas and other forms of temporary residency.

Seeking justice for workplace discrimination in Florida

Florida employers and all others are obligated to follow the laws and regulations that govern employer-employee relations in the workplace. Workplace discrimination is an ongoing problem in many states that can make affected workers feel humiliated, frustrated and angry. Those facing such circumstances should know that there is recourse available through the legal system by filing a workplace discrimination claim in a civil court.


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