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Workplace Discrimination Archives

Workplace discrimination: Lawsuit follows failure to accommodate

Employees in Florida and across the country who have physical restrictions are protected from discrimination by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Victims of such workplace discrimination may seek the support of the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. The EEOC will endeavor to negotiate voluntary compliance, failing which, legal action will be taken.

Workplace discrimination: Religion allegedly caused dismissal

A woman in another state recently filed a lawsuit against her former employers, alleging that her refusal to change her religious beliefs led to her termination. Workers in Florida and across the country have certain rights that may not be violated. Victims of workplace discrimination, harassment or any other kind of employment abuse may be entitled to take legal action. A bottled water company will now have to answer to the woman's claims of religion discrimination.

Former store manager alleges employment discrimination in lawsuit

How should a person in Florida react if he or she is treated differently to any other employees in a workplace? Although employment discrimination is rampant, victims do not always know what to do about it. In many cases, workers ignore discriminatory actions and hope they will not recur, while others do not believe they can take on large companies in legal actions. No one should endure any violations of civil rights or employment laws.

Racial discrimination accusations leveled at car dealership

Considering the number of hours employees in Florida and elsewhere spend at their places of work every day, it is not surprising that lawsuits are filed against employers who allow the maltreatment of employees in any manner. A lawsuit was recently filed by an employee of a Chevrolet dealership in another state. The man alleges racial discrimination and retaliation that ultimately led to wrongful termination.

Former sales consultant accuses car dealership of harassment

Employees of one gender dominate some work environments in Florida and other states, and it is not uncommon for a lone member of the opposite gender to feel uncomfortable. Sometimes one gender is taken advantage of, and this can lead to different types of discrimination and workplace harassment. A lawsuit was recently filed in another state against an automotive group and one of its dealers, alleging wrongful termination that followed gender and age discrimination along with sexual harassment.

Former city employee alleges workplace discrimination in lawsuit

Employees in Florida have certain rights and are entitled to make sure those rights are protected -- even if that means taking legal action. Workplace discrimination in any form is unacceptable. A city in another state is being sued by a former employee who alleges she was terminated after reporting harassment and discrimination. She claims that her employers violated the Civil Rights Act, the Americans with Disabilities Act and her state's Human Relations Act.

Teacher's aide, 77, fired after reporting age related harassment

Many Florida residents choose to continue working past retirement age -- not because they need the money but because they love their jobs. Unfortunately, some younger employees often resort to harassment to try and force older employees resign and free up their positions. A school district in another state is facing a lawsuit that was filed by a 77-year-old teacher's aide.

Company sued after firing lesbian worker who reported harassment

Florida employers must ensure that their companies have well-publicized workplace policies and appropriate complaint structures along with proper monitoring and enforcement mechanisms. Employers need to make sure that no workplace discrimination or harassment takes place, and if such incidents are reported, appropriate action must be taken. Sadly, victims of workplace harassment are often terminated when they file complaints.

5-star luxury hotel faces accusations of workplace discrimination

Companies in Florida and elsewhere should never use the legally protected statuses of their workers as a reason to mistreat or fire them. Employees who believe that they have lost their jobs for that reason may be justified in filing workplace discrimination claims against their employers. A woman who worked for the luxury Hotel Plaza Athénée outside the state alleges that her age and her religion were the motivating factors in her dismissal and has filed her claim against the hotel in a supreme court.

Forever 21 faces workplace discrimination and harassment charges

Popular clothing store Forever 21 -- with locations in Florida and other states across the country -- has been accused of harassment by a former employee. The ex assistant store manager worked in another state and claims that he was called inappropriate nicknames and subjected to racial comments on the job. He filed a workplace discrimination claim against his former employer to right the alleged wrongs against him.


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