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Adult club accused of not paying minimum wage to exotic dancer

According to state and federal employment guidelines, employees must be paid at least the minimum hourly wage. This allows workers in Florida and elsewhere to be entitled to earn a wage that allows them to provide for their families. Companies that are not paying minimum wage may think that they can get away with it, though they will likely discover that the law does not permit such wrongful behavior.

Poor payroll records lead to an unpaid overtime and wages suit

In order to account for all of the time employees work, they are typically required to punch a clock or the company must have some other method of timekeeping in place. Hourly workers should not be offered a flat rate which does not take into account the actual number of hours they work, including those that would be considered overtime.  It is illegal for employers in Florida and elsewhere to not keep accurate time records, which could result in unpaid overtime and lost wages.

Restaurant accused of not paying its kitchen staff overtime

The way in which employees are classified can directly impact how they are paid. Certain classes of workers are exempt from being paid overtime under the law, but these classifications must be tied correctly to the appropriate employees. When Florida employees are not classified properly, they may approach their employer for any unpaid overtime to which they believe they are entitled.

Driver complains his classification denies him overtime pay

Many consumers enjoy goods from all across the country because of the work of truck drivers. These men and women drive the roadways in Florida and elsewhere and expect to be compensated for the long hours that they spend away from home. Whether the drivers receive payment for overtime is dependent upon the way in which they are classified. If drivers work the hours and are not classified correctly, the drivers may turn to the law to receive their unpaid overtime.

Wage and hour law changes come to Florida

For many workers across the country, working for minimum wage only allows them to scrape by when it comes to purchasing everyday necessities. In some situations, workers may be even more negatively affected if employers do not properly compensate them for their hours worked. Wage and hour law specifications are put in place to help ensure that workers are able to earn their pay and not suffer unnecessarily due to unpaid wages.

Google accused of improperly classifying independent contractors

Many people may not be educated in the way in which they should be classified when working for their employer. The way that an individual in Florida is classified has a dramatic influence over the way in which he or she is paid and the benefits that can be received. Those who are classified as independent contractors are not eligible to receive overtime, which can dramatically affect one's paycheck.

Florida workers report unpaid wages to authorities

When a person is employed to perform certain duties, it is expected that the employee will be paid for the services. Unpaid wages can cause significant problems for individuals who are working to earn those wages. While the lack of payment could lead to personal issues, the employee may also feel that the situation needs more attention. Under such conditions, a worker may want to consider legal action.

Florida workers could be affected by unpaid wages

Receiving compensation for services performed is typical of almost every area of business. Employees expect their employers to provide them with fair wages as they complete their duties while on the job. Unfortunately, some Florida workers could be subjected to unpaid wages that could significantly upset their livelihood as many individuals depend on their wages to uphold their household.

Incorrectly categorized Florida interns may consider wage claims

When a young person is breaking into the Florida workforce, they may consider taking on an internship to help gain necessary experience. However, internships are at times unpaid, and it is coming into question more and more often if not paying interns is just. If individuals believe that their duties are befitting those of an employee who should receive at least minimum wage for their work, they may wish to file wage claims in order to receive compensation.

Wage theft could lead to wage claims and legal action in Florida

Individuals often work hard for their wages in order to be able to provide for themselves and their families. Therefore, when an employer fails to pay Florida workers the proper compensation, the lives of those workers could be negatively impacted. In order to fight such theft, employees may wish to file wage claims in order to receive the pay that they are entitled to for their hours worked.


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