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Employment discrimination could target pregnant Florida women

Discrimination is an act that no Florida worker should be on the receiving end of. However, employment discrimination occurs to many people all too often. Many people are discriminated against based on race, religion and several other factors. Recent reports are showing that even pregnant women have been the focus of discrimination in the workplace.

Most in Florida say no to discrimination on-the-job

Florida state law protects against race and gender discrimination in the workplace, but they do not protect those who are discriminated against for their sexual orientation or preference. Because of this, it is not illegal for employers to discriminate against individuals based on these preferences. New data, however, shows that it may be time for Florida lawmakers to consider updating discrimination laws. Florida residents are showing their support. According to recent data, nearly three quarters of Florida residents reportedly support a new addition to the Civil Rights Act of 1992, known as the Competitive Workforce Act. The CWA would add protection against discrimination on the grounds of sexual orientation or preference. Like most civil rights issues, the CWA has been met with some hesitation, based on the feeling that the diversity of the state could cause problems in implementing these new protections.

Discrimination against pregnant women may get more defined

The Pregnancy Discrimination Act, or PDA, and the Americans with Disabilities Act Amendments Act, or ADAAA, were intended to prevent pregnant workers from being discriminated against due to pregnancy or pregnancy related conditions. There seems to be some ambiguity in the laws that may need further clarification. Two complaints recently filed with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission may help provide better definitions concerning these areas of employment discrimination. One complaint was filed by a hospital worker in Florida, and the other was filed by a UPS driver.

Florida bill to benefit pregnant employees

Discrimination in the workplace can affect employees on the basis of factors such as race, religion and gender. Women who are pregnant may also face workplace discrimination when employers assume they will be spending less time at work. A state bill dealing with employment discrimination will interest readers in Broward County.

Claire Danes finds accommodations for her pregnancy on "Homeland"

Prior to the passing of the Pregnancy Discrimination Act of 1978, women could be fired for becoming pregnant. Discrimination laws have come a long way since then, but as some women discover, it can still be difficult to receive equal treatment in the workplace.

Retailer will pay for forcing employees to disclose medical data

A class-action lawsuit filed against national retailer Dillard's in 2008 has finally reached a settlement, with the retailer agreement to pay $2 million dollars to any employee who may have been impacted by the company's discrimination. The lawsuit alleged that the company forced workers to give away private medical information if they wanted to get any sick leave.

Discrimination lawsuit names EEOC - as a defendant

In many discrimination lawsuits filed against employers in Florida and throughout the country, the employee plaintiffs have a powerful ally on their side: the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, or the EEOC. This federal agency has the duty and responsibility to protect workers from discrimination and hold employers accountable for failing to treat employees fairly. So why is the EEOC now facing such a lawsuit and allegations that it did exactly that?


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