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Theater janitors file a class action lawsuit for unpaid overtime

Many hard-working people go to work every day expecting to be paid a fair wage for the work that they do. Workers in Florida expect to be paid at least minimum wage and be compensated accordingly for any overtime hours that they work. When workers do the work but do not get paid, they may decide to file claims to get the unpaid overtime and income they believe that they are missing.

Misclassified employees led to investigation in Florida

When a company utilizes independent contractors to carry out certain duties, that company often does not have many of the same financial responsibilities that companies with employees have, especially when it comes to certain taxes. As a result, some companies with independent contractors may have more expendable funds than other companies. However, misclassified employees could result in negative consequences.

Misclassified employees in Florida receive back pay

In business, employees are not always employees. In some cases, workers may be classified as independent contractors and do not always fall under the same rules as employees. However, it is important that workers are properly classified, or wage and hour violations could potentially occur. In such a case, misclassified employees may need to be compensated for hours they have worked.

Google accused of improperly classifying independent contractors

Many people may not be educated in the way in which they should be classified when working for their employer. The way that an individual in Florida is classified has a dramatic influence over the way in which he or she is paid and the benefits that can be received. Those who are classified as independent contractors are not eligible to receive overtime, which can dramatically affect one's paycheck.

Ex-exotic dancer sues Florida company for unpaid wages, overtime

A woman who once danced at a strip club has filed a lawsuit against the Florida company that operates the club. She accuses the company of violating federal wage-and-hour laws by listing her and other dancers as independent contractors instead of permanent employees. The plaintiff, who is still employed at the club as a waitress, alleges that the club paid her under minimum wage, did not pay overtime and forced her to split her tips with other staff members.


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