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Former Florida coach pursues wrongful termination case

When an employee is under contract, that individual is expected to perform the specified duties for the duration of that contract. Similarly, employers are expected to uphold their sides of employment contracts when it comes to pay, duration of employment and other terms. If one party does not adhere to the terms of the contract, there could potentially be reason to file a wrongful termination claim.

Florida workers picket as airline contract disputes continue

Many employers utilize contracts in order for all sides involved to understand what is expected of them. In many cases, contracts may expire and negotiations may begin on whether certain changes to a contract should be made. Contract disputes can occasionally come about, especially if a company has made changes to the way it operates and the employees feel as if other changes need to be made as well.

Florida victims of wrongful termination should have options

When a Florida resident is let go from a job, he or she may hope that the termination came about for a just cause. However, there are numerous cases in which workers feel that they were fired from their positions without adequate reasoning. In such a situation, a former employee may feel that taking legal action against an employer for wrongful termination could be the right step for the situation.

A claim could prove beneficial after Florida wrongful termination

Being hired to a position can bring about a sense of relief and excitement as you prepare to start a new career journey. Unfortunately, losing a job can have just the opposite effect as you may begin to worry about how you will support yourself and your family. It is important in any situation to understand why you may have been let go from your job, and if you suspect wrongful termination, you may wish to consider the potentially beneficial avenue of seeking legal action.

Former Florida officer files case for wrongful termination

If an employee is let go from his or her job, many questions may be thought about regarding the situation, including whether the termination was necessary. Wrongful termination affects numerous people across the country, and as a result, many individuals take legal action in order to rectify the situation and seek compensation. After being fired from his job, a former Florida police officer is looking to pursue a case of his own.

Company files employment contract suit against Florida tribe

Drawing up contracts during employment negotiations can be a helpful tool for all parties involved to better understand what each side may expect. However, if an employment contract is not abided by, a serious situation could occur for those offering services and those who were wishing to receive them. In many cases, legal action may be sought by one or both parties, depending on the specific circumstances.

Florida woman files lawsuit for employment contract breach

When a potential employee reads over a contract for employment, they typically expect what is outlined in the contract to be upheld. In some cases, however, a breach of an employment contract can take place. If such a disagreement arises, legal action may need to be taken to ensure that the agreed upon terms are upheld or that some sort of compensation is allowed to make up for any losses that an individual may sustain as a part of the contract no longer being considered valid.

Employment contract breach in Florida sparks lawsuit

When a potential employer creates a contract for a project, that contract typically signals that the person employed by that agreement can begin to make preparations for the project, depending on specific terms. These preparations could include purchasing materials, hiring workers or other costly endeavors. Should one party choose to no longer go through with the project, it could cause a significant issue for the other parties involved. If additional agreements cannot be made, there may be cause to file a claim for a breach of employment contract.


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